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Marc has a true passion for teaching. He devotes considerable time in preparing lectures, materials, and activities for his classes as if they were a piece of art requiring creativity, thought, and love. He takes students on both purposeful and playful journeys from multidisciplinary theory to practice by encouraging collaborative creation and problem solving to facilitate the application of myriad theories in a variety of real-world contexts. Above all, Marc hopes to continuously create a learning environment that is conducive to critical and creative thinking so that students are able to convey learned concepts in everyday language and use acquired knowledge and skills as building blocks to tackle more complex real-world problems.


Teaching evaluation:

Teaching Evaluation

What students say about Marc?

Marc is great at motivating students to move forward with their thesis. He also took the time to shoot videos and include examples in the discussion board. The most memorable and helpful video was the one on literature review where he drilled down and spoke to the topics of each student in his video—Swinburne, 2020 (*COVID-19)

Rich online learning materials provided by Marc in response to the Movement Control Order (MCO) and diligent communication throughout to ensure minimal disruption to learning and thesis progress—Swinburne, 2020 (*COVID-19)

The transition to online learning at the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO) is impressive. Marc was willing to listen to feedback to improve the experience—Swinburne, 2020 (*COVID-19)

I genuinely wish all my lecturers taught like him and show interest in what they teach—Swinburne, 2019

Marc's lecture was fun. He talks with so much positive energy, which radiates upon us—Swinburne, 2019

I really admire the way Marc communicates with his students because it exemplifies what a lecturer-to-student connection should be like. It allows students to interact more. I ended up enjoying learning and gaining knowledge at the same time. My admiration of his soft skills persuaded me to pursue three apprenticeships with American-based companies—Swinburne, 2019

Marc responds to emails in a timely fashion and tries his best to relate materials learnt in class with daily occurrences so as to make students understand more clearly—Swinburne, 2019

Marc’s unit content is well organized. He teaches in a motivational way and he has thorough knowledge of the unit—Swinburne, 2019

Couldn't have been better than to have this down to earth young genius in Swinburne who can open up your mind with his words. He is a passionate professor who teaches with his heart. Swinburne needs more lecturers like him, who is exemplary of sheer quality—Swinburne, 2018

He is making a real difference, not only by portraying leadership skills but also as a role model who sets a good example in teaching—Swinburne, 2018

He voluntary taught us even though he was really sick and this really touched us—Swinburne, 2018

I am extremely indebted to Marc for volunteering his time to conduct classes every week on how to complete each section of the thesis—Swinburne, 2018

I'm very satisfied with Marc’s teaching. His weekly classes have been very useful as they provide students like myself with additional knowledge on how to produce a good thesis. He is also very helpful to students and would answer any questions swiftly and correctly. I'm glad to have attended his weekly classes. I couldn't have done my thesis without his help in his classes—Swinburne, 2018

We have been really encouraged and motivated by Marc. His sacrifice and contribution are worthy of our respect and heartfelt appreciation. Thank you, Marc—Swinburne, 2018

An entertaining and engaging lecturer who always communicated in a clear way—Swinburne, 2018

An enthusiastic lecturer who provided his own slides that were better than the slides provided by the e-book publisher—Swinburne, 2018

I am really satisfied with the teaching materials that Marc develops for every lesson as it makes lessons easy for us to understand—Swinburne, 2018 

Marc is very keen to help his students excel. He motivates students by giving brilliant ideas that make students think harder and smarter—Swinburne, 2018

Marc gave clear instruction throughout his lessons and that makes me understand what is going on every time—Swinburne, 2018

Unlike some lecturers, Marc performed really well in his teaching—Swinburne, 2018

I thought that Marc’s class was fantastic … it was definitely my favorite class—Swinburne, 2018

Marc can empathize well with students. He is patient and makes time to meet students whenever he can. He continuously pushes and challenges me to be better than who I am now. Learning is a life-long process, and I strongly believe that after taking Marc’s class—Swinburne, 2017

Marc is a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC lecturer. He is somewhat different in many ways from others. Marc teaches with great passion and compassion, always focused on bringing out the best in each and every student. Regardless of the competency of students, he will always make everyone feel included during classes and activities. Students may be weak in various aspects but he always chooses to uplift them with words of encouragement, surrounding them with positivity and hope. I have come to realize that it has made a quite a difference in students who do not perform academically well. Marc was able to recreate confidence in students, constantly empowering them to move out of their comfort zone to experience personal growth. I like how Marc guides and advices his students. He gives us the opportunity to think as he patiently guides us on how things can be done better. I remember drafting out invitation letters to speakers such as Dr. Abdul Rahman (Director of Workforce Development Unit, Sarawak) and Syed Nizamuddin (Former MP at the Malaysian Youth Parliament), Marc would always take the time to read and improve on the invitation letter in the most efficient manner, allowing us to send invitations out in a timely manner. Marc is a lecturer that not only focuses on the educational aspect but also on the important values that we as individuals should uphold in our life. Values that strike me most were ethics, honesty and HUMILITY. He is an individual that leads by example gaining great respect from students. Being taught by Marc has been life changing for me. I started thirsting for knowledge like never before, buying two books (Working with Difficult People & Mind Maps for Business) to read considering I was never an avid reader. This has also reenergized me to work not just harder but smarter. I sincerely hope that students of Swinburne Sarawak will enjoy the privilege that I had of being empowered by young and inspirational lecturers like Marc who teaches with extraordinary passion and enthusiasm, bringing out the best in students—Swinburne, 2017

Marc is a very hardworking and responsible lecturer. He put in lots of effort and help us when we need help. I can say that he is one of the best lecturers in my university life— Swinburne, 2017

Marc is outstanding. He has a lot of new and innovative ideas toward the educational system. Glad to work with him on our final year project—Swinburne, 2017

BEST lecturer in Swinburne. Very helpful and very motivating.
He inspires us with every word that he says
—Swinburne, 2017

Creative teacher with a lot of life advice … best lecturer ever—Swinburne, 2017

Great lecturer … helps students to improve their ideas … always willing to assist and have a good connection with students … always come to class happily with a smile —Swinburne, 2017

Marc takes extra effort to provide detailed and comprehensive feedback for every assignment … never in my entire life as a university student have I received two pages of written feedback … a really refreshing experience—Swinburne, 2017

He knows students well by putting himself in our shoes … the mind maps he developed have been a total game changer—Swinburne, 2017

Most students, including me, tend to take a shorter route to the finishing line, but it’s different with Marc … he gives us many tools to work with and inspires us to master our crafts and walk to the end on our own … I’ve certainly learnt something valuable from him—Swinburne, 2017

Marc is literally lightning … his lectures inspire me to actually learn this unit … a dedicated and an ardent teacher—Swinburne, 2017

There is never a boring moment in his class—Swinburne, 2017

A very enthusiastic lecturer … very passionate about teaching—Swinburne, 2016

A good communicator, never gives up on explaining—Swinburne, 2016

Friendly, kind, provides feedback, and helps us to understand better about the subject—Swinburne, 2016

Marc has been one of the best lecturers in my entire Swinburne career … he has thorough knowledge about the subject and he is always working to support us—Swinburne, 2016

Very helpful person, always concern about his student’s progress, very responsive and I can see his effort while teaching … an open minded, friendly and cheerful lecturer … one of our favorite lecturer—Swinburne, 2016

Note: All feedback and results are taken from official teaching surveys that the university commissions every semester and reports anonymously to unit conveners and lecturers.

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