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Giving back to the community is an important aspect of Marc’s life. The parties that have contributed to his continued acquisition of knowledge and success have instilled in him a sense of gratefulness and the passion to volunteer his time, expertise, and resources to help others to be successful. As such, he warmly welcomes requests for his service in the following areas, among others:


  • Collaborator (and co-author) for multidisciplinary research grants, projects, and manuscripts.

  • Editorial board member of national and international journals and conferences. 

  • Examiner for theses in his research interests

  • Formal and informal (friendly) peer reviewer for work in his research interests

  • Speaker at national and international conferences, forums, and symposiums. 

  • Visiting academic and fellow to international universities for teaching and research.


  • Co-founder and advisory member of enterprises and social enterprises.

  • Formal and informal speaker and discussant to share business experiences and perspectives. 

  • Peer mentor for enterprise and social enterprise startups.


  • Collaborator and advisory member of government initiatives (e.g. blueprints, public policies).

  • Social media coverage and marketing for public engagement programs.

Sport and Social Cause

  • Co-founder and advisory member of sport and non-governmental associations.

  • Organizing partner, participant, and volunteer in sports (e.g. marathons, obstacle challenges) and social causes (e.g. camps and events for the elderly, orphans, people with disabilities, and youth).

For more information:

AD Scientific Index:
Global Shapers Community:

Google Scholar:
Nation Building School:

Sunway University:
Swinburne University:

Web of Science:
World Economic Forum:

Note: Marc likes to work with people who do their research beforehand and ask intelligent questions and with those who are honest, humble, willing to learn, hardworking, and persistent!

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